Geographic location and climate

Cetinje is located in southeastern Europe, at 42 degrees 23 ‘27” north latitude and 18 degrees 55’ 45” east longitude.

It is located in a karst area (Cetinje field), approximately 7 km2, with an average altitude of 671 m. Cetinje is 12 miles as the crow flies from the Adriatic Sea and 15 miles as the crow flies from the Skadar Lake. Today is the main communication Podgorica – Cetinje – Budva, which he opened and traffic to the interior of Montenegro and the Montenegrin coast. Cetinje, Budva is 29 km, 31 km from Podgorica, Podgorica airport 37 km from the airport in Tivat 49 km and 67 km Port of Bar.

Area Cetinje municipality covers an area of ​​910 km2, or 6.6% of the total area of ​​Montenegro (13,812 km2). The town covers an area of ​​about 5 km2. According to the census from 2011. year, in the municipality of Cetinje has 16,757 inhabitants, which is 2.67% of the total population of Montenegro. In the city of Cetinje has 13,991 inhabitants. In terms of ethnic make up 90% of Montenegrins.

Cetinje field is formed in the eastern piedmont-continental karst mountains Lovćen, whose highest peaks Štirovnik (1749 m) and lacustrine peak (1660 m), where the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos. On all sides Cetinje field close view of bare limestone hills with steep slopes. Extremely karst conditioned to the edge of the field of Cetinje and several caves formed out of which the channel length, the number of chambers and halls and rich speleothem especially attractive in the town of Cetinje Lipska and in its immediate vicinity.

Cetinje has a temperate continental climate, characterized by dry and warm summers with an average temperature of 20 degrees C, and mild, wet winters with an average temperature of 2.1 degree C. The average annual temperature is 11 degrees C, with an annual amplitude of 20.1 degrees C. Cetinje is known for its abundant spring and autumn rains, and is one of the rainiest cities of Europe with approximately 4000 mm high rainfall annually. However, despite the heavy rain Cetinje field and its immediate surroundings are free of surface waters and rare resources as a result of karst geology and configuration of terrain.


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